Advance your invention to market

We test and prototype your innovation

Obtain feasibility proofs and prototypes you can use

Are you frustrated by lack of expertise, facilities, tooling, time, or cash?

•Without a well-equipped testing lab, proof-of-concept data may be uncertain or unreliable.

•A lack of experienced engineering and technical staff or adequate fabrication facilities may result in amateurish, flaky prototypes.

•Lack of credentials and documented experience may negatively impact your credibility. 

•Without funding for R&D, your product ideas may never leave the drawing board.

Let Truventic solve those challenges

•We are internationally recognized scientists and engineers with an extended talent network and world-class facilities. 

•We can rigorously test your ideas and develop them into functional and professional prototypes. 

•Truventic can help win government funding to cover R&D costs while you retain the intellectual property.